Welcome to King’s Kids Academy’s Summer Camp 2024: Camp Wander

Camp Wander
Wonder While You Wander
This summer we are taking off again on a jet-setting trip around the world! By the end of the
summer we will have visited all 7 continents, learning about the people and cultures in some of
the countries there. Our days will be filled with cultural projects including cooking (look out for a
cookbook made by your child at the end of the summer featuring all of our recipes from our
“travels”), arts and crafts, foreign language, music and dance, games, science experiments, and
more, all focused on learning about what kids in other countries do!

We will stamp our passports along the way, and earn “Wonderbucks” to save, or cash in at our
“souvenir shop” once a week, working on some preliminary money management and math
skills, all while having fun. Your child will earn Wonderbucks for participation, asking good
questions as they wonder about what they are learning, and modeling the skills we practice
daily, such as kindness, gratitude, mindfulness, helpfulness, teamwork, and so much more.
We will go on two field trips a week to bolster our wandering spirits. Tuesdays will be adventures
around the area, and Thursdays will be water field trip days.

We can’t wait to embark on this Summer adventure with your children! Pack your bags, and get
ready to Wonder while you Wander at Camp Wander!

What we require you to send with your child to summer camp stays mostly the same, except for additional items on our swim field trip days (Thursdays).
At the beginning of the summer, we will ask you to send an SPF-50 Sunscreen for us to keep at
KKA all summer long. The following items should be brought to and from KKA with your child daily.
Please send the following items with your child EVERY DAY:
● A backpack
● Running shoes
● Water Bottle
● A change of clothes (including underwear and socks)
● A cold lunch (unless you sign up for a KKA-provided cold lunch)
Please send the following items with your child ON THURSDAYS for swim trips:
● A swimsuit
● A towel
● A bag for wet clothes/swimsuit
Items to consider if you would like your child to have it (optional):
● Bug Spray
● Water shoes or sandals
● Goggles
● A light sweater or rain jacket
● A hat (sun hat, baseball cap, etc