Welcome to King’s Kids Academy’s Summer Camp 2024: Adventure Quest

Think of your fondest summer camp memories— stories around the campfire, hiking
through the forest; crafting God’s eyes and friendship bracelets, tie-dye tee shirts, and freeze
pops; endless hours in the sun, making a splash to cool down— all of that and more is what we
are after this Summer in KKA’s “Adventure Quest”.
This year, we are doing something brand new for our Summer Camp Seniors, offering
daily adventures to local parks to spend our camp days in the fresh warm air. We will be taking
daily field trips to McKee Farms Park, Lakeview Park, and Fireman’s Park, spending one full
week at a time, alternating which park week to week. You will drop your child off at
KKA in the morning to have breakfast with their fellow adventurers before embarking for the
park at 9 AM. They will begin their day playing at the park with their Summer Camp teachers and
friends, before regrouping for a daily “campfire chat”– not around a real fire–, where they will
check in with each other on how they are feeling and what their desires for the day are. The
Summer Camp staff will introduce the projects available for the day, and the group game they
will be playing together. Following the campfire chats, the camp will play a group game daily,
working on skills we value in our young adventurers such as teamwork, conflict resolution,
cooperation, sportsmanship, self-esteem, and more. The games will include popular games they
know like Ninja, Statue Guard, Steal the Bacon, and Rock Paper Scissors Battle/Tag, as
well as learning some new games– or beloved old games that may be new to them– as well as
popular sports like soccer, flag football, relay races, disc golf, and even American Ninja Warrior
inspired challenges and obstacle courses. The projects offered will be reminiscent of camp
projects from “back in our day”, like gimp weaving, friendship bracelets, rainbow loom, God’s
Eyes, and dream catchers, as well as some creative projects including water balloon painting, nature
prints, modeling clay, and some outdoor science experiments where we will explore chemical
reactions and natural elements and cycles. The Summer Camp staff will lead the activities
throughout the day, with an open mind to let our oldest Summer Camp group have a say in what
we do each day as they share ideas at the campfire chat. We will return to KKA at 3:30 every
day for a snack, and you can pick your adventurers back up at KKA.
Every park we go to has open facilities, and a shelter for some shaded activity time
every day so everyone gets a break from the sun’s rays. KKA will also bring its pop-up
shelter for additional shade when needed. Staff will set timers to reapply sunscreen every 2
hours which will also serve as a required water break (though we will encourage drinking water
all day long). Each park also has multiple play structures, and a splash pad, and some have wooded
areas for nature walks.
We are so excited to embark on Adventure Quest with our School Age Seniors this
summer! Please see the following two pages for weather policy plans, a list of items you MUSt
send with your child every day along with optional other recommendations, and the daily

Weather Plan:
● In the event of a Heat Advisory, we will still plan to go to our designated park, but we will
play at the Splash Pad to cool off, have personal battery-operated fans for the children’s
use, and return to KKA early, at 1 instead of 3:30.
● In the event of a Heat Warning, we will not go to the park and set up our classroom in
the big room at KKA, the way we do for the After School Seniors during the school year.
● In the event of a Tornado Warning or Severe Storm Warning, We will follow the Heat
Warning protocol and stay at KKA, setting up the big room classroom.
● In the event of sporadic rain showers or sprinkles, we will still plan to go to our
designated park, stay under the shelter during the showers, and return to the park
when it stop.
● In the event of all-day showers or lightning, we will stay at KKA setting up the big room
If at any time the weather predictions do not match the weather we experience, the Admin Team
is standing by to pick the children up from the park early any day that it is needed.
In addition, our School Age Director, Aurora, is available daily and will be traveling between KKA
to support our Jr K and Camp Wander Juniors’ Summer Camp Programs, and the Adventure
Quest Seniors’ Summer Camp Program at the parks. She will be delivering lunches to
Adventure Quest so we can keep meals cold/warm at KKA before lunchtime, and she
will be available at all hours for the Adventure Quest Staff to call in the event of an emergency due
to weather or other situations.
Because we will be off-site every day, being very active and will have the option for water play
every day, there are some additional needs for what we need you to send with your child for
camp. At the beginning of the summer, we will ask you to send SPF-50 sunscreen labeled with
your child’s name that we will keep with us all summer
Please send the following items with your child EVERY DAY:
● A backpack
● A swimsuit and towel
● Running shoes
● Water Bottle
● A change of clothes (including underwear and socks)
● A bag for wet clothes/swimsuit
● A cold lunch (unless you sign up for a KKA-provided cold lunch)
Items to consider if you would like your child to have it (optional)
● Bug Spray
● Water shoes or sandals
● A light sweater or rain jacket
● A hat

Daily Schedule
7:30-8:30 Arrival at KKA
8:30 Breakfast at KKA
● if your child is not here by 8:30, they need to have already had
breakfast so we can still leave for the park on time.
● If you will be dropping your child off later than 9, you will need to
drop them off at the park
9:00 Depart for the park (transportation provided by KKA)
9:15-10:00 Free play at the park playground
10:00-10:30 Campfire Chat
10:30-11:30 Group Games
11:30-12:15 Adventurer choice time
● They may choose to do one of the crafts provided, work on a craft they
started the previous day, play board games, continue to play active games
or sports, or rest and read, or the group may go on a hike or other group
activity that the children have selected with teachers at the campfire chat
12:15-12:45 Lunch
● Miss Aurora will bring the cold lunches you provided or the lunch you
have selected KKA to provide and check in with Adventure Quest staff
and kids
12:45-1:00 Afternoon Campfire Chat
● At this time Adventure Quest Staff will decide– with input from the kids– if
they are going to the splash pad for the afternoon, doing a science
experiment or project, play another group game, go for a hike, or
playing at the park
1:00-2:00 Shaded Mindfulness Time
● One hour a day we will require the children to take a break in the shade,
and pick a sitting activity to recover from the activity of the day. The
options during this time will include reading, puzzles, board games,
resting, art, guided yoga or meditation, or having a small group
conversations led by teachers.
2:00-2:45 Free Playtime at the Park
2:45-3:15 Get ready to head back to KKA
● Adventure Quest children will gather at the shelter to go to the bathroom,
change if needed, make sure they have collected all of their things into
their backpack, refill and drink water bottles, and get ready to head back
to KKA
3:15-3:30 Transportation back to KKA
● If you will be picking your child up before 3:30, you will need to pick
them up at the park
3:30-5:30 Play in the big room classroom until pick up

KKA Adventure Quest
Summer Camp Calendar
This is a preliminary schedule to give you an idea of what to expect this summer. The
parks listed for each week are set and will stay the same, but the Tuesday and
Thursday field trips are still being confirmed with bus companies and venues, so we will
be sending out a final calendar before the start of Summer Camp as soon as we have
those details! Please contact Aurora at KKA or by email (auroraeggers.kka@gmail.com)
with any questions!


910 – Mckee Frams Park
All Week
11-1st Day of Summer Camp (No field Trip)12- Mckee Frams Park13-Goodman Pool14-Mackee Frams Park15
1617-Lakeview Middleton Park18- Field Trip TBD19- Lakeview Middleton Park20- Juniors Camp Wander Jions at Lakeview Middleton Park21-Lake view Middleton Park22
2324-Fireman’s Park25-Field Trip
26-Fireman’s Park27-Middleton Aquatic Center28-Fireman’s Park29


1-Mcfee Frams Park2-Field Trip TBD3-Mcfee Frams Park4Closed For Independence Day5-Mckee Farms Park6
78-Lakeview Middleton Park9-Field Trip TBD10-Lakeview Middleton Park11-Mt Horeb Aquatic Center12-Lakeview Middleton Park13
1415-Fireman’s Park16-Field Trip TBD17-Fireman’s Park18Juniors Camp Wander Jions at Fireman’s Park19-Fireman’s Park20
2122-Mcfee Frams Park23-Field Trip TBD24-Mcfee Frams Park25-Goodman Pool26-Mcfee Frams Park27
2829-Lakeview Middleton Park30-Field Trip TBD31-Lakeview Middleton Park


45- Fireman’s Park6-Field Trip TBD7-Fireman’s Park8-Middleton Aquatic Center910
1112-Mckee Frams Park13-Field Trip TBD14-Mckee Frams Park15-Juniors Camp Wander joins at Mckee Frams Park16-Mckee Frams Park17
1819-Lakeview Middleton Park20-Field Trip TBD21-Lakeview Middleton Park22-Mt Horeb Aquatic center23-Lakeview Middleton Park (Last Day Of Summer Camp24
2526- No Summer Camp27-No Summer Camp28-No Summer Camp29-No Summer Camp22-Mt Horeb Aquatic Center31