Camp 2024: Adventure Quest

We are doing something brand new this year for our Summer Camp Seniors, offering
daily adventures to local parks to spend our camp days in the fresh warm air.

We will be taking
daily field trips to McKee Farms Park, Lakeview Park, and Fireman’s Park, spending one full
week at a time at each, alternating which park week to week. You will drop your child off at
KKA in the morning to have breakfast with their fellow adventurers before embarking for the
park at 9 AM.

They will begin their day playing at the park with their Summer Camp teachers and
friends, before regrouping for a daily “campfire chat”– not around a real fire–, where they will
check in with each other on how they are feeling and what their desires for the day are.

The Summer Camp staff will introduce the projects available for the day, and the group game they
will be playing together. Following the campfire chats, the camp will play a group game daily,
working on skills we value in our young adventurers such as teamwork, conflict resolution,
cooperation, sportsmanship, self-esteem, and more.

The games will include popular games they know like Ninja, Statue Guard, Steal the Bacon, and Rock Paper Scissors Battle/Tag, as well as learning some new games– or beloved old games that may be new to them– as well as
popular sports like soccer, flag football, relay races, disc golf, and even American Ninja Warrior
inspired challenges and obstacle courses. The projects offered will be reminiscent of camp
projects from “back in our day”, like gimp weaving, friendship bracelets, rainbow loom, God’s
Eyes, and dream catchers, as well as some creative projects including water balloon painting, nature
prints, modeling clay, and some outdoor science experiments where we will explore chemical
reactions and natural elements and cycles. The Summer Camp staff will lead the activities
throughout the day, with an open mind to let our oldest Summer Camp group have a say in what
we do each day as they share ideas at the campfire chat. We will return to KKA at 3:30 every
day for a snack, and you can pick your adventurers back up at KKA.
Every park we go to has open facilities, and a shelter for some shaded activity time
every day so everyone gets a break from the sun’s rays. KKA will also bring their pop-up
shelter for additional shade when needed. Staff will set timers to reapply sunscreen every 2
hours which will also serve as a required water break (though we will encourage drinking water
all day long). Each park also has multiple play structures, and a splash pad, and some have wooded
areas for nature walks.
We are so excited to embark on Adventure Quest with our School Age Seniors this
summer! Please see the following two pages for weather policy plans, a list of items you MUSt
send with your child every day along with optional other recommendations, and the daily