Weekly Adventures

June 15-18 North America

We start our travels right here on our home continent of North America. Explore our neighbors to the north and south in Canada and Mexico as we identify their flags, discover their incredible landmarks, learn a bit of French and Spanish, and of course taste some great new flavors of the countries right on our own borders!

Jun 22-Jun 26 / Jun28 – Jul 2 South America

The plane has landed safely and we have made it through customs. Welcome to South America! Are you ready for the heat of the region and it’s many diverse cultures? South America has some of the richest ecosystems, fascinating history, culture in the arts, and spicy cuisine you are sure to love making and trying. Get ready for a couple of hot weeks south of the equator!

July 6-9 / July 16 Africa

We made the jump across the Atlantic Ocean and safely arrived in Africa! Welcome to the “Cradle of Life” where life on this planet is believed to have begun! Here you’ll find the most exotic animals, beautiful cultures, diverse languages,and don’t forget about the hottest deserts. Good thing we are already used to the South American heat! It’s sure to be a Hakuna Matata adventure!

Jul 19-23 / Jul 26-30 Europe

Ready for a European vacation? Two weeks is barely enough time to explore all the languages, food, cultures, and history that is compacted in this continent. But we’re jumping on the Eurorail and exploring as much as we can. Stops include the great European cities of London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Munich. Of course we won’t forget the many little hidden treasures that get missed!

Aug. 2-6 / Aug. 9-13 Asia

Find yourself a buddy so you don’t get lost as we enter the great continent of Asia, the most heavily populated region on Earth! Full of cultures rich in traditions, there are so many things to learn, explore, and discover; prepare yourself for a little of everything– from the Arctic winds of Siberia to the Gobi desert, all the way to the Himalayas, Asia is more than you dared to dream! Ready your passports!

Aug 16-20 Australia

Grab your swimsuits as we land on the island continent of Australia! 90% of the Australian population lives on the coast, so let’s follow the locals! While we are diving into this great continent, we have go to explore the world’s largest ecosystem; the Great Barrier Reef. But the greatest fun will be exploring the Outback with the aboriginal people of Australia. No matter where we find ourselves, this promises to be a wet and wild adventure!

Aug 23-26 Antarctica

From waves and sun to ice and a population of none! We have landed in Antarctica and it’s an icy one! This continent is full of ice that is miles deep. While there are no humans here, this continent is still heavy populated with wildlife. From many types of penguins to whales and seals, there are many creatures that enjoy the extra dry cold weather. With temperatures as low as -128.6°F, we will be staying close to the coastline where its the warmest! So forget the dog days of summer and get ready for a cold, but thrilling adventure!

Field Trip Ideas

Field trips are in the early stages of planning and may change. A final schedule of field trips will be available in May. Your tuition includes one field trip/special event and one swim trip each week, as well as a trip to the library every other Monday. Field trips will be planned for Tuesday and Thursdays, unless availability at a particular site requires a different day.

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