Weekly Adventures

June 15-26 Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Treasure

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to put on a fedora and strap on a bullwhip as you set off on an adventure to find a great treasure? No promises on the bullwhip, but fun, adventure, and exploration of ancient civilizations is a guarantee!

Field Trips: Geology Museum w/Babcock and Cave of the Mounds

Jun 29-Jul 10 African Safari Survivor

What would you do if you were stranded in the wilds of Africa? How would you survive and find your way back to civilization? Thankfully an artful guide and good friends will help you conquer every challenge as you discover your mad survival skills.

Field Trips: Vilas Zoo Safari Hunt and Governor Nelson State Park

July 13-24 Mission Impossible

Is anything really impossible when you do it with friends? Try your hand as a secret agent on a critical mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is sure to prove challenging, exciting, and fun! Are you up to the challenge?

Field Trips: Downtown Madison Scavenger Hunt and Sky Zone

Jul 27-Aug 7 Mission to Mars

Mission control, we have a problem! What does it take to explore beyond the borders of this planet? What adventure awaits in the great beyond. Join the Mission to Mars to discover what secrets lie on its surface. Will you find life on another planet? Do you have what it takes to land on Mars and still return safely to Earth? Come join our very own Space Force at KKA this summer!

Field Trips: Space Place and Memorial Planetarium

Aug. 10-21 Time Machine

How would you solve a mystery, whose solution could be found anywhere in time? Build a time machine, of course. Discover how incredibly fun history can be when you turn it into an adventure. Better yet, what will you find in the future?!

Field Trips: Old World Wisconsin and Milton House

Aug 24-27 Travel Week

It’s the last week of summer and we will be on the go! This week there is a field trip every day! Full STEAM Ahead into a new school year!

Field Trips: Dream Banks, Splash Pad, Dream Park, Olbrich Gardens

Field Trip Ideas

Field trips are in the early stages of planning and may change. A final schedule of field trips will be available in May. Your tuition includes one field trip/special event and one swim trip each week, as well as a trip to the library every other Monday. Field trips will be planned for Tuesday and Thursdays, unless availability at a particular site requires a different day.

You can call us at 608-845-5464 and ask for Kari Eggers.