Summer Camp Theme



It’s a summer of dreams and passions at King’s Kids Academy’s Camp Run Wild. Let your dreams, passions, and hopes for the future run wild this summer! There are so many hobbies and possible career paths to choose from. Explore them all this summer with friends and discover where your passions lie.

Summer Camp Themes

June 17-22 Aerospace

Ever looked at the night sky and wonder what it would be like to be up there? Curious about life on the International Space Station? Come to our version of Space Camp and discover the life of an astronaut.

June 24-28 Cooking Club

Do you enjoy helping in the kitchen? Ever thought about being a world renowned chef or owning your own restaurant? Have fun planning, cooking, and eating some delicious entrees and edible treats!

July 1-5 Photography Friends (note we are closed July 4)

Are you a “selfie” expert? Do you like getting that funny candid picture of mom? Maybe you’ve thought of travelling the world, taking photos for a big magazine or being a model. Come try your hand being on both sides of the camera!

July 8-12 Digital Dynamos

Do you have fun playing on dad’s apps or exploring fun websites? Ever wonder how all those pictures, videos, and articles get on the web? This week try your hand at creating a website, vlog, or blog!

July 15-19 Lights, Camera, Action!

The world of theatre is a whole different world where an idea can be brought to life on the stage. In theatre there is a place for everyone, whether you like the spotlight, managing backstage, creating sets or designing costumes. This summer the show must go on!

July 22-26 Biz Whiz

Have you ever helped mom and dad with a garage sale or set up a lemonade stand? Earning money can be as fun as spending it if you make a business of your passion. Come explore the life of an entrepreneur.

Jul 29-Aug 2 Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

No, we are not talking about the Avengers. Do you have a passion for wildlife? Do you enjoy camping and being outside in God’s creation. Come discover how to be an Earth hero and help nature flourish.

Aug. 5-9 Stitch in Time

Do you love fashion? Have you ever watched someone at a sewing machine and wanted to give it a try? This is the week to jump in and explore fabric design! You may be the next top designer of Fashion Week!

Aug. 12-16 Paper Passions

Art is your creative mind being let loose. Kick off a two week art theme with 2-dimensional art. There’s an artist waiting for an opportunity for self-expression. Let that creative side run wild and discover how creative you can be with paper!

Aug. 19-23 3D Art

After exploring a flat art medium let’s give it a little “pop” and try it in 3D form. Unleash the Michaelangelo deep inside of you!

Aug 26-29 Mess of all Messes (note we are closed Aug. 30 and Verona is back in school this week)

Life as a scientist can go in so many directions, but the best part about being a scientist is getting paid to make messes! Have fun with some explosively messy science fun!

Field Trip Ideas

Field trips and special events are a regular part of our summer at KKA. Your tuition includes field trips such as state parks, art studios, local restaurants, museums, and weekly trips to local pools and lakes for swimming fun.