Summer Camp Theme



It’s a Summer Splash at King’s Kids Academy Summer Camp. No just sitting around twiddling our thumbs here! Come have a blast of a splash and keep the wet and wild fun going with your friends at KKA Summer Camp!

Summer Camp Themes

June 11-15 Water Balloon Wars

What better way to kick off a Summer Splash than a water balloon fight. But did you know there so so many things we can do with water balloons besides throw them at friends? Come discover all the fun water balloons bring!

June 18-22 Water and Ice

Let’s bring back just enough winter to cool down and have fun with ice and water. Try your hand at ice blocking, icy art, ice cube games. But hurry, this ice won’t last long in our summer heat!

June 25-29 Beach Week

We may not be able to make it to the beaches of Aruba but we can certainly bring the beach fun here. Splash in water, play in sand, and don’t forget your sunglasses. Beach life is grand!

July 2-6 Water Cooking (note we are closed July 4)

Everyone needs water and food! Did you know water is a great tool for cooking food. Come discover some unique recipes that use water in a fun way!

July 9-13 Shark Week

Who needs the Discovery Channel?! We’re creating our own Shark Week! Take a bite out of summer and find out more about these amazing and mysterious animals of the sea (maybe even try a bite of shark meat!)

July 16-20 Water Olympics

Ok so maybe we won’t be earning gold medals but we will surely have fun learning and creating water play games. Are you ready to get a little wet (or maybe a lot)?

July 23-27 Watery Laboratory

Water is the driving force of all of nature. In fact, 2/3 of our planet is covered in water! Have you ever wondered what water can really do, why it’s clear, how it changes form? Come explore some fun experiments and get your watery questions answered!

Jul 30-Aug 3 Water Sports

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” Don’t miss your shot at some familiar sports made brand new by adding a bit of water!

Aug. 6-10 Ocean Week

We had so much fun exploring sharks this summer but there are so many more creatures to discover. Dive deeper into the ocean and uncover some amazing creatures!

Aug. 13-17 Water Art Studio

Art is your creative mind being let loose. Come let it loose within a watery world. Paper and pen are fun but have you ever created art with water?

Aug. 20-24 Sprinkler Fun

What’s more fun in the summer than running through the sprinkler? How about a new spin on sprinkler fun? What can you create, play, and explore with sprinklers?

Aug 27-30 Family Water Week

Summer has been so fun finding new ways to be explore and have fun with water! Let’s end the summer by sharing the fun with our families at a Family Water Play Day. Spend the week preparing fun water activites to share with your parents on the last day of summer camp!

Field Trip Ideas

Field trips and special events are a regular part of our summer at KKA. Your tuition includes field trips such as, Blue Mounds, Devil’s Lake, Mallard’s Kids Day, Cave of the Mounds, as well as local pools, lakes, and museums. It also includes special events brought to camp like soccer camp, zumba, visiting artists, magicians, and so much more!!!