KKA Storybook Summer Camp 2022 is going to be a fantastical summer that takes us all over this world and beyond, through the magic of storytelling. 

Each week will include activities related to a specific book or books, focusing on the conflict & resolution of our protagonists through activities that reflect that story.  All throughout the summer we will be learning about the elements that make up a story– and how many different ways there are to share them. From cave drawings and hieroglyphics, music and dance, to novels and comic books– and so much more! With a focus on experiential and play based learning, your child will learn things like how to brainstorm, create a storyboard, illustrate, even playwright and act– and that just scratches the surface! 

It’s not a writing camp– stories can take us anywhere so get ready for a summer of science, music, art, acting, sports– the possibilities are only as limited as our imaginations! Come discover all the places we can go with a Storybook Summer!


Weekly Adventures

June 13-17: Fairytales & Fables

To kick off our storybook summer, we will read and explore some classic Fairytales and Fables we all know, discuss the difference between these types of stories and other ways to tell stories. Let’s see if your kids can uncover the moral of each story through games and challenges. 

June 20-24: Harold and the Purple Crayon

The next week of camp will delve into the concept of reality using the book Harold and the Purple Crayon. With projects and activities to break kids outside the boxes we put things into, we’ll wake up our imaginations before we start creating stories of our own! 

June 27-July 1: Alice in Wonderland

Harold’s purple crayon was just a warm up for imaginations to prepare for the silly alternate reality of Wonderland. This week is about FUN and MADNESS, so get ready for themed dress up days, painting roses red, learning to play croquet, an Unbirthday party, and maybe even making up some worlds of our own. 

July 4-8: Magic School Bus

Climb on the magic school bus, and buckle up for a science and mystery packed week, as we help Miss Frizzle locate the missing pages of her story.

July 11-15: Madeline

Miss Frizzle drops us off in Paris to visit a few characters that will help us learn about conflict resolution. First up! Madeline! As we hear stories of her French misadventures, we will create our own short stories featuring YOUR CHILD in their very own misadventures where they get to figure out how to resolve the conflict.

July 18-22: James and the Giant Peach

This week we’ll meet another hero who’s excellent at conflict resolution, James. Here we’ll learn how to make our very own mini stop motion Claymation short!

July 25-29: Le Petite Prince

The Little Prince story is chalk full of wisdom for kids and adults. We will spend the week watching and reading The Little Prince and selecting excerpts to focus on, or we’ll spend the rest of the summer on this story! We’ll talk about metaphor and analogy, how characters in our own stories don’t have to be what they represent. By the end of the week we will have character sheets for our stories done.

August 1-5: Cam Jansen

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a photographic memory? We’re about to with super sleuth Cam Jansen! With games and projects using our very own disposable cameras your child will get to create a snapshot of their summer— as if they’d taken a picture of it in their mind like Cam— and may solve another mystery along the way.

August 8-12: Disney Diversity

This week we get to touch on some beloved fairytales adapted by Disney over decades. We’ll have fun with some of our favorite characters while talking about the importance of representation in storytelling. Learning to recognize when there is lack of representation, poor representation, and good examples of representation will help us be better storytellers ourselves.

August 15-19: Series of Unfortunate Events

The Baudelaire children are incredibly gifted— and incredibly unlucky. Why would we want to have a week focused on their misery? Well, we wouldn’t! This week is all about perseverance, determination, and overcoming obstacles and fear. We’ll invent with Violet, crack codes and have a spelling bee with Klaus, and demolish and build with Sunny, while we learn how to face the difficult things that life can throw at us.

August 22-26: Comics 

Yes! You read that right— Comic books are stories too! At this point we’ll be ready to brainstorm, create a storyboard, write and/or illustrate our own comic strips to be published in a newspaper of our own making at the end of the week!

Field Trip Ideas

Field trips are in the early stages of planning and may change. A final schedule of field trips will be available in May. Your tuition includes one field trip/special event and one swim trip each week, as well as a trip to the library every other Monday. Field trips will be planned for Tuesday and Thursdays, unless availability at a particular site requires a different day.

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